NutriThrive is an integrated team of experts taking a whole-body approach to improving your health. We strongly believe in a PROACTIVE approach to health and well-being.

We consult closely with our doctors and provide care based on nutrition and lifestyle modifications focussing strongly on stress management to give you a long-term blueprint to better health.

Offer many short term and longer term health optimization programs that will lead to lifelong results.

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Baljit Sidhu

Founder of NutriThrive Health Services

Baljit Sidhu-Rai is the Founder & Director of Operations at the Canadian Place Endoscopy Clinic and Founder of NutriThrive Health Services. She has been working in healthcare for over a decade in both administrative and patient support roles, and is a Certified Nutritionist, MBSR Facilitator, and Conscious Family Parenting Coach. Through her work in colorectal cancer screening and recovery, she has seen first hand the importance of nutrition and stress reduction in clinical outcomes for colorectal patients, in gastrointestinal health, and in overall physical and mental health and well-being. Baljit has implemented several successful integrative health programs both at her clinic and with her individual clients.


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Heidi Smith, RD, BSc.

Registered Dietitian

Heidi is one of the co-founders of the wellness company: Vitality at Work. She has been consulting for individuals and organizations for over 20 years. Heidi provides a unique perspective by combing her expertise on nutrition and exercise with her passion for mindfulness, selfcompassion, intuition and creativity. Heidi is also a certified MBSR facilitator (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and SoulCollage® Facilitator. She is the author of the practical sport nutrition handbook entitled "Nutrition for the Long Run" and the wellness manual “Food, Hunger and Habits”. You’ll find Heidi most days of the week in her favourite place (the kitchen), trying new recipes to fuel and nourish her husband and 3 active teenagers!


Umara Shahid, ROHP/RNCP, CFMP

Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

Umara is a nutritionist and a functional medicine practitioner.

She is a compassionate professional who has always been intrigued by health and wellness and has a keen interest in natural therapies.

Umara is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to understanding disease states and illnesses. Her educational background in Medicine combined with her knowledge of functional medicine allows her to take a holistic approach to healing. She provides exceptional care to her clients, helping them meet their health goals and find balance in their lives, through the healing power of food, supplements, and lifestyle recommendations. Emphasis is placed on discovering the root cause of symptoms so that clients are successfully able to reach optimum health. Umara continually attends webinars, seminars, courses, and workshops to ensure that she is up-to-date with the most current information available.

In her free time, she loves running, attending yoga classes, and spending time with friends and family.

Our Consultants


Sundeep Rai, Sundeep Rai, MD, M.Sc. FRCSC, FACS

General Surgeon, Trillium Health Partners, Acute Care Surgery

Dr. Rai is Board-Certified in Adult Critical Care, General Surgery
and Critical Care from the University of Toronto. He is currently the Medical Director at Canadian Place Endoscopy Clinic.
Sundeep works closely with the NutriThrive team to ensure all conventional medicine applications have been explored and the best outcomes will be gained by patients.

"Most GI issues have a component that responds to nutrition modification. Certain foods can aggravate, or improve conditions. The pathophysiology of certain diseases, such as celiac disease, are primarily nutritional in origin. For these patients, nutrition consultation, and support is vital, and is the cornerstone of treatment. "

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